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Wedding Hire – Tips Info and Advice

 Wedding Hire- Tips, info and advice!

Here is a big list of info about the different things that you need to know about when it comes to hiring items for your wedding.

This post will have lots of useful information to help you with the key practicses when using a hire comapny for your special day or event.

 I’m going to share with you my tips and experiences to help you make more, informed decisions moving forward, so you feel good about booking any hire companies – including us!


The most common that we see are either rounds or rectangles, with rounds they’re often described in inches so it could be a 6ft round or a 5 ft round whilst with rectangular tables they’re 6ft length most commonly. These are used for the head table, or guest book and gift table potentially for a dessert table.

 Then there is the 3ft table for your cake – ideally a round as this just looks neater!

We supply a wide range of custom cake tables you can check out also!

flower cake table

Majority of furniture hire companies will say, that a 5ft round table can seat 8-10 people, and a 6ft table can seat 12 people . So this needs to be considered when thinking about how many table centrepieces you will have and how many people you will put for each table.


Next you have chairs, now there’s a whole, myriad of chair options out there but once you find the design you like and place your order then it is a good idea to add about 10 extra on to your hire order just in case reasons, such as you might end up wanting to put a few chairs in the drinks reception area for people to sit down whist you are away taking photos, you might get one or two extra guests  that shows up or for the band or dj or photographer. A few extra chairs are always good to have.


It is highly recommended linens to be floor-length, it is not necessary but it is certainly nice to have. The tables need to be covered properly they have horrid legs that are not attractive and the legs should not be on display it just completes the look so if you can pay the little bit extra for floor-length linens. Which we supply!


Venues that we work at often have or provide a dancefloor which can be a black and white chequered dancefloor or the parque that they can put down for you. However, these are more old fashioned and not very pretty. The most popular size would be a 20 foot by 20 foot dancefloor but if you have the space and the budget it is always good to go bigger as it really is a centrepiece in a room. We supply a variety of dancelfoors which you can choose from below. Make your dancefloor stand out and really transofrm the room. The dancefloors take a lot of time and effort to make them look this good though so make sure you have enough time for a dancefloor to be built for your day!

Placesetting Hire

So that includes plates, glassware, utensils, plates are pretty, straightforward you’re going to want to go with your guest count and then add on your vendor meals to that, so they have something to eat then it is always good to add an extra 10 or so, just in case one arrives broken or miss counted that way you have spare just in case.


For utensils keep in mind that, you don’t need to order spoons if you don’t have anything that’s eaten with spoons you absolutely can cut those out, if you’re serving chips at night you probably, don’t need utensils at all whatsoever if, you’re serving soup then you’re going to need a spoon. Think about what you’re actually serving because that will help you decide what crockery you’ll be needing for your meal, a big thing that gets forgotten here, is that if you are serving cake you will need a dessert plates and a dessert fork you can’t expect people to save their salad fork from dinner, to eat their cake later so you will need, a whole other set of forks for those as,  just like the plates you’re going to want an additional ten or so of each of the utensils that you’re renting because, these get dropped all the time by guests.

Best practices when hiring:

Order as much items from one company like make your life easier managing multiple delivery times multiple set up times and multiple packdown and pickup times.

Order for your full guest capacity even though you know that you’re going to lose some of these people because you can always go back to the hire company later – just do it before the cut off date.

Make sure delivery times are very clear because things can get complicated and confusing behind the scenes. So make sure you know the delivery window, because if your florist is meant to come at noon but no tables or linen is out then the florist cannot begin setting up until the items are there and ready! Lots of logistics to consider so once again it is a good idea to get it form one place!

Get some advice from the hire company if you’re not quite sure how many to order just ask or your can ask your caterer or your bartending company you are paying professionals lean on them and always ask for help.

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