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Themes and Colours for your Wedding

Themes and colours

Blush pink and ivory, the two jolly joker colours when it comes to weddings. They represent purity and fidelity, typical wedding colours. I do not deny I love these colours, always dreamed about a pinkish, whitish themed wedding as well as so many of you. You cannot go wrong with them, easy to find flowers in these colours, the decorators are prepared with everything for you if you make your choice next to these two beauties. BUT, what if you are really not a pink and white person? You are another type of dream of the designers. Something different, unique is always interesting. People in that industry like challenges, so go on, challenge us! Do not be afraid to step over the lines. You can, you are the bride and the groom! Be random, stylish, extreme if you would like to.

For example, black is not really a wedding colour, that is true, on the other hand do not forget that black goes with everything. Am I right? Oh yes, I am. Black chiavari chairs with fairy lights in a cottage somewhere out of the big city life. So romantic, beautiful, cosy.

By the year 2020 we have seen so many different kind of weddings, so basically nothing can really surprise us, but we cannot wait for the couple who has something new on their list.

When we talk about the themes we do not actually mean only the colours. It can be literally anything. ANYTHING. Circus, Las Vegas Casino, Fairy tales, you can set a dress code, or play with the shapes, going outside of the box is okay. Say it again, going outside of the box is okay.

As most of the weddings have two parts, the ceremony and the reception, you can go for two different décors, if you prefer. How cool is that! If you have a church wedding, then it could be romantic, classy design meanwhile at the reception you could go a bit wilder, more colourful, something completely different. It is up to you, let your imagination go and create something new!

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