Welcome to the silk flower section of the website!

Silk flowers can be used to describe artificial flowers or fake flowers which are hand made fabric based flowers which can sometimes feel real touch and are often the type of flowers you have to touch to believe they are artificial which confuses your guests to make them unsure of the real result.

We are Event Decor Hire and we provide all items to beautify and design your event space. We provide flowers in high quality artificial flowers for centrepieces, backdrops and installations.

We create unique displays at a fraction of the cost when compared to the equivalent in fresh flowers. Our displays look incredibly authentic and natural whilst staying within your wedding budget.

The silk flowers give a great level of versatility and enable our clients to have a lot of choice in all seasons of the year.

Silk flowers certainly have become more of a popular feature in regular everday life with the popularity of flower walls which we have provided for over 5 years alongside shop installations that have become the new standard on the high street. Shops like the Elon Cafe have made silk flower installations a popular feature and we have noticed the popularity of silk flower centrepieces in weddings and events also.

Our silk flower range includes roses, hydrangeas, stocks, peonies, orchids, blossom and more. All of these individual silk floral blooms make the perfect table centrepiece and are made from artificial silk flowers they really do provide a lot of diversity in your table centrepiece.

Silk flowers can be used for all parts of weddings or events including table arrangements, top table decoration, bridal bouquet, flower wall, flower garlands,table flowers, rose hydrangea arches, hanging flowers and lots more. The limit really is up to you! We can create almost anything from the silk flowers.

We also have a wide variety of colours with our silk flowers including the popular blush pink, red roses, ivory flowers, purple roses, dusty pink, green florals and pink florals. We try to stay to popular colours and more realistic colours for flowers.

Some great advantages of silk flowers include the following:

We have the ability to provide flowers when in real life certain items are out of season, for instance blossom branches for that spring themed wedding can only take place in spring however with silk blossom flowers that we stock you can have silk blossom flowers throughout the year.

Similarly we also have silk peonies which are also one of the most popular type of flower but have a short season from April to July and if you plan to get married or host an event outside of these times it proves very hard to find these flowers in the best condition.

The silk flowers are a great choice for a low carbon footprint wedding or event, fresh flowers create a lot of waste and is not sustainable when flowers are imported from Holland, South America and Africa.

Our in house floristry team also work with fresh flowers  and are able to make their flower arranging magic to make many different designs also with the possibility of mixing fresh flowers with our artificial flowers to create the perfect blend of budget and drama. Silk flower displays will always be more budget friendly in comparison to fresh flowers.

Silk flowers are great for ceiling installations as they are not as heavy as fresh flowers so the installation can often go into a wider variety of places.

Silk flowers look as great as they do when you set them up in the morning vs the night time. No wilting, dying or browning flowers.

Have you thought about having an artificial wedding? we would love to help.

Get your gorgeous table decor from Event Decor Hire whereby we supply artificial silk flowers and table arrangements plus more if you are still unsure Why not mix the fresh flowers with the silk artificial flowers for the perfect blend.

Give us a call to discuss the options we can help with the silk flower arrangements are for hire only. We can also sell to customers that wish to purchase.