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We supply linens and chair covers for events and weddings and within our ranges we hold a variety of options to assit in creating a vsiually stunning setting.

Chair covers are traiditionally used in weddings and event as the immediatly create a different feel to the room, creating a blank canvus to begin working on in bringing our personal tastes and unique styles.
[fancy_heading style=”style1″ size=”small”]Linen Chair Covers[/fancy_heading]

Within our warehouse we hold the Luxurious Linen chair covers made from a polyester and cotten blend which are bespokely created for each chair. Chairs come in a vareity of shapes and sizes so it is paramount we are provided with an image or dimensions of the chair in question to ensure we have the perfect fit within our range.

The linen chair covers are the looser version of the most popular chairs and these are a very popular option for our clients looking for a very chic classic wedding.

White linen chair covers are the staple for any wedding, ours come in a variety ofsizes to match the chairs at your venue for the perfect fit. How do we know which to choose? well send us a photo and we can try and match our covers to your chairs.

For more on this style of chair cover click here:

[image lightbox=”true” width=”full” “]https://eventdecorhire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/polyester-cahir-covers.jpg[/image]

[fancy_heading style=”style1″ size=”small”]Stretch Chair Covers[/fancy_heading]

The Stretch chair covers are a great choice for the chairs that dont fit the traditional chairs, oddly shaped then these covers are for you. These are just as pretty as the linen a popular choice for a mix of weddings this year.

The absoulte favourite reason for the popularity of these covers is that they do not crease, they do not move and they always fit 99% of chairs without arms.

For more on this style of chair cover click here…

[image lightbox=”true” width=”full”]https://eventdecorhire.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/stretch-ivory-sash.jpg[/image]

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