Wedding stage hire london

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Chloe Stage Design

Flower Arch

Ombre Flower Wall

Arabella Sweetheart Table- Gold

Amelia – Mirrored Floral Backdrop Design

Wisteria Stage Design

Round Jasmine Backdrop

Charlotte Flower installation Wall Design

Gold Mirror Pedestals

Elegant Custom Wall Stage

Starlight backdrops

Draping Backdrop

Sweetheart table draping

White pedestal

Wedding Sofa – Chaise Lounge and side chairs

Ceremony Chandelier Backdrop

Marilyn Monroe Oppulance Vase

The Loveseat Sofa

Flower Wall Hire

Ceremony Drape

White Blossom Tree

Round Chuppah Hire

Sweetheart Table – 5ft

Ivory Ornate Coffee Table

Ornate Sweetheart Table

Mirror Pedestal

White Post Box

Limewash Urn

Green Flower Wall

Sweetheart Table -Tufted Design

Green Floral Canopy

Joining Blossom Trees

Cascading Flower Wall