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Fresh Flowers or Silk Flowers – Which would you choose?

Fresh or silk flowers?

My grandma always says that someone who loves flowers cannot be a bad person. I used to disagree with her as I was not a big flower fan when I was a teenager, but as I got older I started to love them more and more. By now I could not imagine that there are people who dislike flowers. They smell lovely, they spice up the room, the colours make your day more fun, one of the best decorations ever. Especially when it comes to events!

Even few stems of them can make a big difference. There are so many options to do with flowers, like flower wall, flower ball, flower arch, and so on and on and on. The big question is whether you should choose fresh or silk flowers for the special day.

Silk Flowers

I know the word fake sounds negative, but what we would like to achieve is the impact. It is easy to create literally anything with silk flowers. Any kind of arrangements that you can imagine as they are bendy, it is easy to work with the material, handles different kind of glue or wires. To be honest they look as beautiful as the real ones. The colours are the same, or if you would like to go for something different, they can be a bit unrealistic, a funky colour, or go with the black, gothic style. The options are endless. Last but not least this is the cheaper option…much cheaper. If you are looking to streamline your budget one of the ways would be to switch over from the fresh flowers to the silk -You will be surprised the amount of silk flowers there are on social media. You will not know the difference! but the couple certainly felt the difference in the overall budget.

Fresh Flowers

On the other hand, the real flowers. Oh, the real flowers! They are magical, the smell, the touch, their natural look is just amazing. You must dig a bit deeper in your pocket, but I must say that it does worth it. They are made only for your wedding as they do not last too long, so cannot be pre-prepared days before, but always a sweet idea to give them to the guests or staff as a thank you gesture!

A third, sneaky option is the ‘mix and match’. Yes, you can do that, a bit cheeky, but works fine. SO what I am talking about is exactly what you think. You have a centrepiece with flower arrangements that includes fresh and silk flowers as well. It is an exciting version of the décor, that is actually the best time to see it is actually hard to tell the difference of the look between the real and the silk flowers.

Whatever you choose for your wedding it will be beautiful. Always discuss it with the decorating team, they will give you lots of ideas, because sometimes what you have in your mind is actually can look better.


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