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Candelabra Hire and Why they are Amazing

Candelabras and Why We love Them!

Candelabras are one of our favourite pieces to stock in the warehouse. We hire them out to weddings and Events. So please just ask if you are looking to hire candelabra.

Their simplicity when it comes to a table centrepiece is perfect but cannot be misjudged they are simple yet still very useful when it comes to an entire room setting.

So What is a Candelabra?
Well, in the dictionary it is defined as the following:
Plural noun: candelabra
  1. a large branched candlestick or holder for several candles or lamps.

The definition is perfect.

The candelabra can be dressed with elegant and gorgeous fresh flowers to create a fantastic floral display to mix candle and floral. Our team work with both fresh and silk flowers so you do have the option to choose which you prefer.

Here is an example of our silver candelabra made with a fresh orange and green arrangement

The candelabra looks just as good without flowers too!

You can see them here.


silver candelabra

Venues have become a bit more health and safety conscious and now often require candles to be in protective glassware.

We also provide this option so your candles are in a glass container so you can still achieve the candelabra look with the soft romantic candles.

Candelabras come in a variety of colours so they can work with a variety of different settings.

Gold candelabra for gold themes

Silver Candelabras for silver settings

White candelabras for all white themes

Black candelabras for the chic designs

Crystal candelabras for that clear look.

We stock it all and have large enough stocks.

Candelabras can be mixed with other centrepieces which is great! They are a nice middle ground peiece for those that are having 20 or more tables.

We have had some events in the past when clients have had 100 tables and we used 40 candelabras to mix in with the 20 fresh flower arrangements.

This is good to help budgets and to create a more interesting setting.

Our candelabras come in 80cm in height and 100cm in height.

It is important to notice the difference from the candelabras that are featured at hotels (complimentary). These are often 40cm and really are a small and dont show on the table.

Here is an example!

So if you are looking for a budget friendly centrepiece then look no further than the candelabra!

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