Learn How You Can Get Into Events

How to start a business in Weddings & Events

Ever asked yourself this question? Well, we have the answer.

We have become partners in a new program aimed at helping Wedding Planners, Event Designers and Production Teams start, develop and improve themselves and their events.

After many of our clients, past brides, new brides and couples have asked us that they want to learn what we do and how it works and if we do training classes we are pleased to announce we are joining the:

The Event Acceleration Master Class.

This is a class for people wanting to learn about events: learn how to start, improve and gain sales within the Events World.

The class is taking place in November for 3 days and covers a variety of topics to kick start your business.

A great time for beginning a new chapter for the new year in 2020.

The class features top speakers from successful companies that operate in Weddings and Events and that have been around for many years.

The class has the added benefit of covering a variety of topics including : Sales strategies, Marketing strategies, hands on practice, chances to attended a luxury events with some of the guest speakers, on the day practical learning and much more.


Tickets can be purchased from the site direct

If you have any questions give the office a call and they would be happy to help


02086972181 option 1

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