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Green Flower Wall for Hire

Here is our newest product, the green flower wall!

I am sure most of the brides-to-be have seen flower walls when they look for ideas for their wedding. They are very popular for weddings, most likely the ivory and pink schemes ones…but how about the green one? It has a fresh, pure impact that makes you calm and it feels like you are outdoor.

You must have seen those houses which ones are covered with leafy, green bushes. Whenever I see one these walls I just think how cool they are and how nice to have something different on the side of your home. Well, the idea is coming from here.

Many couples wishing to have their big day in a garden with fresh flowers and green areas, but as we live in England, we cannot really predict what the weather is going to be like the next day. So they change their mind and their venues. We have the solution for you, if you do not want to go outside, but still would like the have that feeling if you were outdoor. The green flower wall! Yay! Of course you can leave it as it is, or spice it up with flowers in different colours, or with signs or logos. It is really up to you, we are happy to customise it for you!

Various sizes are available, get in touch today, the Event Decor Team is here for you to help!



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