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New Gold Cutlery: Pretty Add-Ons

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Hey lovelies!

A new trend is upon us, Gold Cutlery, and we LOVE it!

Event Decor Hire’s marvellous event planners are groomed to pay close attention to detail and make your occasion luxurious, special and grand. We ensure a tactful execution of your vision with the Midas Touch, remembering and acknowledging all the fine details, even those that seem to slip through the cracks at times, like cutlery.

Each year, new, unique and thrilling event ideas emerge from the depths of the events community that really up the ante. A few years ago, the trend was vintage lace. You could find it pleasantly wrapped around wedding invitations, gently placed on plating sets, and delicately draped over chair backs. In 2014, the Flower Wall was made popular by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West which was absolutely beautiful and created an enclosed garden feel. But, this year, Gold Cutlery is taking centre stage and capturing the wedding community by storm. And guess what, WE HAVE THEM!

Frank Chimero, the author of The Shape of Design and a New York based Designer believes “People ignore design that ignores them,” and when it comes to cutlery at events, nothing is truer. These items have always held a very similar style, shape and design, with couples and hosts simply using them as a tool for the guests to eat with. But now, OH BUT NOW, the golden hues of these magnificent utensils are sure to highlight various accents of your event’s designs, colour schemes and theme. They will add just the right amount of elegance, and will especially cause a stir for outdoor weddings when the guests see the glowing shine from the sun bounce off these polished gold knives, forks and spoons, illumining the tables. It’s more bang for your buck!

If you are interested in these trendy new items, feel free to give us a ring or send over an email. Our event planners are extremely creative and can help you with organising your big day, colour pairing, themes, custom designs and much more.


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