Silver Candelabra

The candelabra comes with 5 non drip candles and the large round mirror base for the completed look.

What Size do the candelabras come in?

We have 2 sizes of candelabra 80cm Deluxe and 100cm Grand

What do they come with?

The Candelabras come with 5 non drip candles which have minimal mess alongside our large round mirror plates for the completed look.



The candelabra is a very classical and beautiful way to elegantly decorate your wedding or event and with our silver deluxe 80cm or 100cm grand can really be the stunning finishing touch.

Placed onto the table the candelabra is an excellent choice with or without flowers, used throughout history at weddings, parties and events a fantastic way of holding candles in a majestic and beautiful manner.

Add candle light to your dinner table through the use of our 80 or 100cm silver candelabra.