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  • Baroque Flower Stand

    Gold flower stand for hire.

  • Black Candelabra

    Black candelabra hire - 100cm in height and high gloss.

  • Black Candelabra with Glass Cups

    Black tall and skinny candelabra is a great choice to have it on the middle of the table on a special event.

  • Black Trumpet Vase

    The black trumpet vase can be a centrepiece or it is ideal for a piece of the top table decor. 2 vases are in stock available for hire from Event Decor Hire. We make your special day perfect, contact us for more details!

  • Candle Glory

    Candle centrepiece made from an assortment of our vases and candles. Simple yet very effective.  

  • Conical Vase

    Conical vase for wedding decorations- decorate your tables with the tall elegant vases filled with a stunning floral arrangement. By Event Decor Hire.

  • Crystal Globe MiMi

    Crystal Glitter Globe for wedding and party hire. 30 cm tall stunning centrepiece is perfect to spice up the dinner table on your big day or an a charity event. Get in touch for more information!

  • Crystal Tea Light Holders

    MIMI set of shiny, crystal items are available from us, check them out and make a match for your special day.

  • Double Ended Vase

    Double ended vase with silk or fresh flowers. The beautiful vase can be used on both sides for smaller arrangements and the large show stopping arrangements.

  • Floral Halo

    Floral Halo filled with quality silk flowers in the colouring of your choice. A gorgeous centrepiece for the dramatic clients.  

  • Giant Bird Cage Table Plan

    Giant Bird Cage table plan

  • Glass Candle Holder

    Not every venues allow the customers to have open flame at their event, but the great solution for that the LED, artificial candles, so do not worry about that. Make a call today to discuss all the details with us!

  • Glass Candle Holder

    Not every venues allow the customers to have open flame at their event, but the great solution for that the LED, artificial candles, so do not worry about that. Make a call today to discuss all the details with us!

  • Glass Hurricane Vase and Candle Holders

    As many venues do not allow open fire we can provide artificial candles, LED lights. They look just as great as the real ones, you would not even think. Contact us today for more information!

  • Glass Martini Vase

    40 cm tall vases are available from Event Decor Hire. Contact us for more details!

  • Glass Urn

    It can be a centrepiece, a decoration for your ceremony, goes with every colour. Check out more ideas on the website and contact us for more details.

  • Gold Candelabra

    Gold is the new black this year! The gold candelabra is one of our most popular centrepieces. It shines, perfect size for the table’s decoration. We can provide candles in cups with it or just the taper candles on their own. Available from Event Decor Hire.

  • Gold Candelabra with Glass Cups

    Gold candelabra - with additional glass cups for the protective candles. Ideal for venues that do not permit open flames. The cups are a lovely addition even if your venue is ok with open flames. Creating a unique centrepiece for your table decor.

  • Gold Curved Trumpet Vase

    A bit different shape than the regular trumpet vase, that is why it has become really popular this year and one of our favourite product. Hire it from us today for weddings, parties, events.

  • Gold Hurricane Vase

    You can have silk or fresh flowers in the vases, can spice them up with matching tea light holders, vases, candelabras.

  • Gold Speckle Tea Light Holder

    Glass gold tea light holders are available from Event Decor Hire. Do not panic if the venue do not permit open flame, we have a solution for that as well, LED tea lights which can confuse everybody, they are working just as well as real flame. Yay!

  • Gold Tall Candle Holder

    Gold themes events are the most popular nowadays, these matte, rich gold candle holder will turn the venue into a pretty, elegant place.

  • Ivory Bird Cage

    Ivory Bird Cage is ideal for ceremonies or part of the centrepiece arrangements. If you go for a vintage style wedding, then this item cannot be missed. Contact us for more information!

  • Limewash Urn

    The limewsh urn is a popular item, the vintage theme is still really fashionable. That piece is so gorgeous that must attend on a wedding along with the limewash chiavari chairs. Have a look at our website and contact us for more details.

  • Marilyn Monroe Oppulance Vase

    The Shapely vase which we had to call the Marilyn is the perfect dramatic statement table piece or head table arrangement.  

  • Mimi Crystal Globes

    The Crystal globe - gorgeous and romantic perfect for the simple and elegant styled wedding or event.  

  • Mirror Cube Vases

    Mirror charger plates, mirror table tops and many more matching ideas are available. Check them out and contact us for more details.

  • Mirror Table Tops

    Add mirror table top for your wedding or event, create a dramatic and stunning feel to your table or just for the sweet heart table.

  • Pink Speckle Tea Light Holder

    Hire from us these lovely pink tea light holders, they will make your day more special! Contact us for more details at Event Decor Hire.

  • Punch Bowl with Silk Floral Arrangement

    This is an arrangement that has been created by our in house florist team. It can be customised for your colour scheme. The silver punch bowl arrangement is a pretty alternative to silk. The arrangement is 1/3 of the price of the fresh equivalent.

  • Purple Glass Vase

    The glass material helps to match with other glass products, check them out on our website and contact us for more details!

  • Rose balls

    Silk ivory rose ball hire for the ceremony, a vase, room decoration, hanging item or top table arrangement. Hire the silk Ivory rose ball.

  • Silver Candelabra

    The candelabra comes with 5 non drip candles and the large round mirror base for the completed look. What Size do the candelabras come in? We have 2 sizes of candelabra 80cm Deluxe and 100cm Grand What do they come with? The Candelabras come with 5 non drip candles which have minimal mess alongside our…

  • Silver Candelabra with Glass Cups

    Combine with candles in glass cups for glow and ambiance to the room and table which is an automatic conversation starter amongst your guests. Let us create something special for you!

  • Silver Candle Sticks

    Sometimes venues do not allow open fire, then the artificial tapered candles come into the picture and save the party! So do not worry, we thought on that as well, contact us for more details!

  • Silver Curved Trumpet Vase

    50 cm tall silver centrepiece is available for hire! Beautiful decor on the dinner table for your special event.

  • Silver Speckle Tea Light Holder

    Silver coloured, speckled tea light holders are available for hire from Event Decor Hire! You can mix and match with other silver products; charger plates, vases, candelabras, check out our website for more ideas!

  • Silver Urn

    Highly glossed medium sized urn for hire. Perfect for dramatic floral arrangements.

  • Sleeping Beauty Vase

    Sleeping beauty vase for weddings and events, add a rose for added drama or your choice of flowers. Whilst the floating candle adds ambiance and light to your dinner table. Always the popular choice for the elegant, simple options.

  • Stemmed Tea Light Holder

    The unusual votive makes the tea light holder special, floating tea lights, candles work very nicely with it.

  • Table chandelier with Feathers

    Crystal table chandeliers for the dramatic Gatsby styled look. The table chandeliers are 90cm in height and with a tall opulent feather arrangement it takes it over the 1M 30cm height. Perfect for those gorgeous weddings or events.

  • Venus Candelabra

    The venus candelabra, grand opulent and impressive for weddings and events

  • White Bird Cage

    Pretty bird cages are available from us, 25 cm tall, white. Great idea to add pearl garlands to them. Hire from Event Decor Hire.

  • White Blossom Tree

    White blossom tree for hire. Suitable for weddings, events and parties. Bring the outside in with our stunning natural looking trees.

  • White Candelabra

    White candelabra for weddings, events and parties. Prop hire with Event Decor Hire. Standing at 80cm in height- the most popular candelabra height. Tall enough not to block conversation on the table and grand enough to make an impression in some of the most elite venues.

  • White Candelabra with Glass Cups

    We can customise out products for you, the white candelabra can come with or without flower arrangement. It is your choice! 80 cm tall centrepiece is in stock.

  • White Urn

    Be creative, with a product like an urn you can be, colourful, big arrangements can be made. Hire it from us, we design the best decor for you!